A new era for the creative process

Rain is a creative assistant that will unlock your creative super powers.

Create ideas 10 times faster.

Rain is an artificial intelligence powered creative assistant that uses a natural language interface to understand creative challenges and to suggest creative solutions.

It has internal knowledge banks and uses creative process algorithms to transform data into creative solution suggestions that feed the discussion of individuals and companies.

For creative professionals it means more and better ideas. Also, faster creative process based on what is trending in the world right now.

For businesses that depend on ideas to grow, it means more creative solutions, more innovation and more results.

Some people don’t like the rain. They find it inconvenient. It’s a way of looking at it. The other way is to think that it is essential for life. It brings the new. The rain is incredible. It’s magic. It is flying water.

Rain is also the name of our artificial intelligence powered creative assistant.
And Rain has a mission: to prove that everyone can create ideas. To prove that, more than inspiration, for us, creativity is action.

Some wait for creativity. Rain accelerates creativity. After all, for some creativity is a mystery. For us, it is an algorithm. Information is the raw material of creativity. But let us think about it: if it seems inhuman to try to absorb all the information in the world to come up with the best ideas, maybe it is.

This is where artificial intelligence enhanced creativity comes in. To boost the human creative power with technology. And maybe you wonder: can a computer create ideas? Better than a human?

The truth is, the computer doesn’t need ideas. You do.
Rain is only here to help you.